Environmental policy

CARGO SERVICE & REPRESENTATIONS Single-Member LLC is a fast-growing company that, inter alia, operates in the field of airport parking management.
CARGO SERVICE & REPRESENTATIONS recognizes the importance of environmental protection. Through an environmental management system, the Company lays the foundation for continuous improvement of its environmental performance. Chief executives, managers and employees of the company maintain a commitment to comply with laws, regulations and other requirements adopted by the Company, the establishment and analysis of environmental goals, as well as continuous efforts to improve and develop.

The environmental management system of the Company and its environmental policy are consistent with the goals and objectives of CARGO SERVICE & REPRESENTATIONS. The scope of the mentioned system is «Operation of parking lots».
The company undertakes the following obligations:

  • providing the necessary resources for implementation and improvement of the environmental management system,
  • environmental protection, continuous improvement and pollution prevention,
  • compliance with applicable and regulatory requirements,
  • recycling and waste management resulting from a production process,
  • determination of environmental goals, systematic monitoring of their implementation and analysis,
  • informing staff about their responsibilities in accordance with the registered environmental management system,
  • employees’ environmental awareness through continuous training,
  • dissemination of the Company’s environmental policy and principles on environmental issues among all parties concerned.

The management is obliged in writing to constantly improve the environmental management system implemented in accordance with ISO 14001 requirements and bears liability for its effectiveness. As part of continuous improvement, this policy is accordingly updated and revised in case of changes in the activities (nature and scale) of the Company or in case of emergencies and is reviewed at each analysis of the environmental management system.

Thessaloniki, September 20th, 2018
On behalf of the Administration,